Compensation Survey

One source for all your healthcare compensation data needs!

The largest collection of Pennsylvania Healthcare compensation data (about 100 PA hospitals) and
The largest collection of Northeast Management and Executive Healthcare compensation data
(about 200 Northeast hospitals)

The SHHRPP survey is unique in that it combines the SHHRPP Pennsylvania Healthcare Compensation Survey with the well regarded Olney / HRadvantage Health System and Hospital Management Survey, the largest collection of northeast healthcare data available.  Covering local and regional markets, these two surveys are the only ones that can provide relevant compensation data for all levels of positions in your organization.

To learn more about the state-wide survey and view various components of the survey, please go to, then click on “Surveys” at the top of the screen, then “All Surveys”, then scroll down (on the right side of the screen)until you see SHHRPP, Management & Staff.  The survey is very comprehensive and reasonably priced!

More information about the survey can be obtained from Thomas Cummins at

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